Week of May 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

Please tap on this link to access the new schedule for the week of May 25: TCS Primary 1/2 Schedule: Week of 5/25/20

We have meaningful and engaging lessons planned for our Graders, some of which are designed to help them understand what it is we honor when we celebrate Memorial Day. That will be our theme for the next four days, and the highlights will be:

  • Word of the Week: In honor of Memorial Day, citizenship seems an appropriate word to learn and understand. What does it mean to be a good citizen?
  • Sing with Pride: Lizzie will teach “The Grand Old Flag” to tie in with our Memorial Day salute.
  • Writing Workshop: A review of a book, movie or game will be the assignment in journal writing. What did you like—or not like—about what you read, saw or did?
  • LIVE ZOOM on Wednesday at 1 p.m.: Off we go again to the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, where your children will dive into the world of sharks! Students will learn about the characteristics of sharks as well as their diversity. There are hammerheads. Reef sharks. Even tiger sharks! Do you hear the famous music of Jaws playing as we write this sentence?
  • Cooking with Pam: Save your ripe avocados, because Pam will be teaching how to make guacamole. Remember, the trick to preventing the guacamole from discoloring is to put a toothpick into the avocado pit, place it in the delicious green dip and refrigerate. Works every time!
  • Math:  Grouping numbers and multiplication are still the focus.

A week of learning and adventure awaits our Graders! Off they go …

The TCS Teachers