Teacher Training Institute

Great interest in all things TCS is the reason why The Children’s School created its Teacher Training Institute. From the School’s earliest days, it has welcomed educators from near and far to learn about its philosophy and pedagogy as well as the latest research findings in child development. The Teacher Training Institute consists of a series of workshops taught by our faculty. It covers everything from the hows and whens of introducing technology to children to digital record keeping to effective classroom management via teacher roles.

The institute was born from the recognition that the life of an early-learning professional in any school requires tremendous knowledge and technique, energy and focus, thought and careful preparation. Above all, it requires time. Yes, time to reflect on individual students and the quality of their learning and behavior. Time to consider the day and one’s practices. Time to reflect on the substance of what is being taught, from the curriculum to the learning materials. Time to converse with other teachers for support and strategizing. And, yes, time to reflect, revise and collaborate with fellow educators.

All too often, however, time is in short supply in primary school settings, not least to find training workshops that are personalized and relate to the work in the classroom. Enter the Teacher Training Institute at The Children’s School, which is designed not only to help professionals pause and refresh, but also to demonstrate effective skills and techniques, and to advance new understandings of child development. While our workshops are offered to educators, a steady stream of administrators, policymakers, politicians, architects and designers has passed through the school to see our philosophy in action. Hence, our institute is open to anyone who has a deep, abiding interest in assuring that the young experience excellence in their learning.

We invite you to learn more about the Teacher Training Institute’s offerings, including the schedule and in-service credit, by clicking on institute@childrensschool.org.