Week of May 18, 2020

Dear Grader Families,

Welcome to another week of learning for your children, which promises to be particularly exciting, even a little introspective. Here is the schedule: TCS Primary 1/2 Schedule: Week of 5/18/20

The highlights for the Week of May 18 are below:

  • Word of the Week: Helpful. To accompany our discussions of the meaning of the word helpful, we will ask your children to write a thank you note to someone in their community who is a helper. Please follow up on this assignment with your children, helping them pick out a nurse, a doctor, a relative—anyone who helps others.
  • The Discovery Museum. Don’t forget to pay a visit to one of our—and your child’s—favorite museums!
  • Multiplication and Time. The more comfortable a child is with the 5 times table and/or counting by 5, the easier telling the time will become. We’ll also be talking with the children about the different ways we measure time, including time zones and the invention of devices like clocks.
  • Journal Writing. Your children will be introduced to journal writing. What is a journal and what are entries all about? Why keep a journal? Your children will be asked to keep a journal of their day’s activities, their thoughts and their questions, a habit TCS hopes will continue into the summer.

See you online!

The TCS Teachers