Virtual Tour

So much about The Children’s School is rooted in connection, relationships and qualitative experience. Through our virtual tour, you can begin to visualize how the learning spaces are designed to support development—artfully exemplifying the principle of form following function—and how the hands-on materials used in the classroom engage young learners. But it is only by stepping on campus that you can fully appreciate both the art and science of what is transpiring. Even without hearing a sound, observers gazing through the one-way mirror begin to understand how planning, teamwork and strong relationships make for a vibrant and productive classroom: Teachers bend down to speak to children, a hand gently redirects an activity, children interact creatively with their environment, individuals develop agency and empathy, learners find their own distinct pathways. How is it possible that a school can be filled with children who are so happily productive, at “work” all day? With extraordinary teachers, a well-planned space and a thoughtful approach to everything we do—the whole is surely greater than the sum of its parts.

We hope your curiosity is piqued. Please call (203) 329.8815 to schedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon.