The mission of The Children’s School lies in the recognition that the early years, from 3 to 8, are a time of critical importance, laying the foundation for a child’s confidence, strength of character, intellectual skills, and the problem-solving and creative capabilities that will be in demand in the 21st century.

At The Children’s School, we see the early years as a period of boundless potential for growth, one that requires the utmost care and attention. To nourish and support this unfolding in each child, we offer a classroom filled with challenging materials and countless opportunities for problem solving and self-expression, staffed with committed, well-trained teachers. This is a place where every child is known and his or her individuality celebrated; where an enriched curriculum encourages curiosity and excites the imagination; where children begin to lead as well as learn, begin to teach as well as explore. This is a school that takes young children seriously.

Our mission is to nurture thoughtful children who love to learn and have an appreciation of their own gifts as well as those of others. This is the beginning, the foundation upon which the rest of their education is built. When our students move on to other schools, they will do so with confidence in their abilities, excitement about the learning journey ahead and with a good sense of how to be respectful to others. When that happens, we say, “Mission accomplished.”