Today is “Drop Everything and Read” Day, a nationwide celebration dedicated to the joys of reading and sharing books. Held on the birthday of beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary, who first introduced the concept in her book "Ramona Quimby, Age 8," D.E.A.R. Day inspires us to pause our busy lives to lose ourselves in stories. Echoing the wise words of Ramona, “As you go through life, you pick up shreds of things, and eventually you are able to fit them together.” Let’s gather those shreds today through the magic of reading. #DEARDay

TCS. Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open to You.

Our doors are open to prospective parents who are eager to learn more about our School, which serves children ages 3 to 8. Our Admissions team is here to answer your questions about what distinguishes us and to help your decision-making. We invite you to take a virtual tour and get a snapshot of what we have to offer.

Joyfully growing hearts and minds … If you provide children with a broad education in the arts, literacy, math, science and the history of their community, all while allowing them to move and play freely, they will thrive. If you honor and stoke children’s natural curiosity—the engine of achievement—they will flourish. If you encourage children to be creative, to express themselves in song, on paper, at an easel, they will love the place called school.

For a half-century, The Children’s School has been doing these things and much more in the name of growing young hearts and minds. The work we do ensures that our students not only thrive and flourish but also begin to develop a lifelong love of learning. All because of a place called school. Not just any school. The Children’s School.

Maureen Murphy, Head of School

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