Welcome to The Children’s School

Is there a better word to express the essence of childhood than evergreen? While many contenders vie for top prize in this category—metaphors and similes abound about the young—few capture the meaning and experience of a child as well as this one.

Evergreen is defined as having green leaves throughout the year, with the leaves of the past season not shed until new foliage has formed completely. But it is the second definition, “enduringly fresh,” that gets us to the heart of this metaphor for childhood: it suggests the purity of a child’s open, questing spirit; the promise of a child’s boundless energy and enthusiasm; and the newness of every moment, every touch and smell, every sight and taste and sound that a child absorbs.

A child’s mind is also “enduringly fresh.” It sprouts new knowledge and skills, layer upon layer, which are nourished by the rich soil of character, experience and teaching. Again, notice that an evergreen does not relinquish its older leaves until new ones are well established. That process of replenishment—of new growth on top of old—evokes the very nature of learning, doesn’t it? New understandings and insights meld with what came before to form a sturdy, enduring scaffolding. It is in this life cycle of replenishment that The Children’s School plays an important role.

The concepts of replenishment, renewal and regeneration are the story of our school, as successive generations of children and families find their way to our doors. As they do, they bring new life and perspectives to our principles and practices even as they strengthen our foundation. Thus does our mission remain fortified and forever young, like an evergreen.

We welcome you to explore The Children’s School.

Maureen Murphy
Head of School