A Perfect Picture Book for the First Days of Fall

Last night was the autumnal equinox and as if by magic, the crisp bright days of fall have arrived. To make the most of this change of seasons, we have a beautiful new picture book to recommend: If You Find a Leaf  by Aimee Sicuro.

The story follows a young girl who collects autumn leaves on her walks with her dog, finding in each an invitation to let her imagination wander. “If you find a leaf, you could dream the day away …” Looking at their striking shapes and colors, she can see one as a hat, another as a hammock, a Halloween mask, or “a glowing fire to gather round and sing with friends.” Sicuro’s illustrations capture both the fun of the hunt and the thrill of seeing all sorts of possibilities in a fallen leaf. The end papers inject some scientific information, with realistic labeled images of leaves, and the back matter includes a recipe for preserving leaves and using them to make artworks.

It’s a book that will inspire you to take a family walk in the woods!

Here’s to the arrival of fall,