Week of March 30, 2020

Dear Grader Parents,

Thank you for all of your patience, support and kind words as we transitioned to distance learning. Your efforts have been invaluable as the lesson assignments in your inbox move to the desks, kitchen tables and study nooks in your home. We are deeply mindful, as we enter the second week of distance learning, that what reassures children most is love and structure, and we hope our distance learning program provides them with some of both.

Here are a few guidelines for the week ahead:

  • The link to the schedule for our second week is here: TCS Primary 1/2 Schedule: Week of 3/30/20
  • If your child needs a packet of new materials, please reach out to the School. We’re planning to offer additional curbside pickups and drop-offs—details to follow soon.
  • You will be hearing from the Class Moms this week about setting up virtual playdates.
  • The children will be receiving login details for new online programs. These applications will support their math and literacy skills.

It is our goal is to offer daily lessons that maintain academic skills. Remember that on any given day, you and your child may choose to complete all the work or take your time and complete items on another day.

Thank you for working in such close partnership with us in this new way of learning. We are eager to hear news of your children’s successes and accomplishments.

The TCS Teachers