Week of May 18, 2020

Dear Pre-Primary 4 Families,

Welcome to another week of learning adventures for your children! Here is the schedule for the Week of May 18: TCS PrePrimary 4’s Schedule: Week of 5/18/20

The highlights are below:

  • Word of the Week: Helpful. The word and concept of “helpful” are easily grasped by children in the context of showing them how to be helpful. Continuing their practical life curriculum, we will talk about and show them how to be helpful at home. They can sweep the floor or wipe a table after breakfast.
  • The Discovery Museum. Don’t forget to pay a visit to one of our—and your child’s—favorite museums!
  • Time Will Tell: Counting is essential to telling time. The more comfortable a child is with counting from 1 to 60 and skip-counting by 5, the easier telling the time will become. We’ll also be talking with the children about the different ways we measure time, including time zones and the invention of devices like clocks.

See you online!

The TCS Teachers