COVID-19 Information

The Children’s School welcomes its students, families and teachers for another year of great promise as children learn and grow to their full potential. Just as the campus is on the cusp of fall’s bloom and our classrooms are brimming with engaging learning materials, books and technologies, so has The Children’s School staff been dedicated to preparing for a safe, happy beginning of school.

You, our parents, can trust that the tradition of care, thought and research for which the School is known has been followed in preparing for the 2021-22 school year during the pandemic. As the plan illustrates, the School is committed to mitigating the risk of the coronavirus, maximizing the safety of all and assuring that our mission to offer an exceptional, individualized learning experience to students is fulfilled during the pandemic.

This plan has been developed in close consultation with highly respected health experts, including area pediatricians as well as Dr. Sten Vermund, dean of the Yale School of Public Health, who is both an infectious disease specialist and a pediatrician. City of Stamford and State of Connecticut health authorities, along with the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, have also been advisors during our planning. The Children’s School will continue to communicate with these experts frequently so that it can continue to maintain the best health and safety protocols in its classrooms and outdoor play areas, and make adjustments as necessary.

The families at The Children’s School can start off the year knowing that the staff is primed to offer superior learning programs in an environment that has been—and will continue to be—prepared meticulously to safeguard the health and well-being of their children.

Maureen Murphy
Head of School

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