Enrichment Programs

As a complement to the dynamic work the children do every day in the classroom, we are pleased to offer a variety of à la carte after-school enrichment opportunities. On a trimester basis, children can enroll in one or more one-hour weekly activities that build on or extend the classroom experience. Classes like Robotics and Literature Alive are hands-on and interdisciplinary, while others, such as Chess and Mandarin, are more focused on developing a specific skill. Taught by TCS faculty or subject-matter experts who teach in a manner consistent with our beliefs, our enrichment curriculum provides a unique opportunity to explore an area of interest or develop a new one. Our offerings are developed with purpose and changed as needed. Current options include:


In this workshop, young artists will be introduced to mediums and techniques for creative expression. This program will act as a springboard for children to explore, experiment and create their own authentic art pieces. Children will continue to develop their skills of observing, drawing and creative problem-solving.


Veteran chess master Alex 
Eydelman will teach your child 
the basics of playing chess, making it fun every step of the way. Chess is a wonderful game 
for boosting pattern-recognition and strategic-thinking skills, as 
well as learning about good sportsmanship.


Leap, dash and sway! Children will develop their coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance through creative movement. By learning the basics of ballet and tap, children will be introduced to dance as an art form, one that brings together inspiring music and dramatic expression.

Literature Alive

Calling all bookworms and budding readers! Staff from the Stamford Museum & Nature Center will read a classic children’s book—think Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab or Karma Wilson’s A Frog in the Bog—and then discuss the ideas in the story using live animals, natural artifacts and hands-on activities.


Children will acquire beginning communication skills in Mandarin, using techniques that pique their interest in the language and in Chinese culture.


TCS favorite Lizzie Swan, of the Swingset Mamas, will inspire children to enjoy all aspects of music as they jam to a variety of styles. While singing, dancing, chanting and playing instruments, children learn to joyfully express themselves, work with their peers, and understand and appreciate music.

Science Lab

Intriguing demonstrations, hands-on experiments and discussions of real-world phenomena make science learning exciting. Whether children are bending light to see all the colors of the rainbow or building their very own model rockets, they will engage with science through interactive activities that grow their understanding of how the world works.

Simple & Powered Machines

In this class, children will design useful machines using gears, pulleys, belts and motors. Working in small groups, children will use Lego® bricks to create both simple and powered machines—a balance scale, a fishing rod, a mechanical hammer—to meet an identified need. With each project, students will analyze the problem, test prototypes and draw conclusions.


It’s as easy as ¡uno, dos, tres! for young children to learn Spanish. Each week your child will be introduced to a new theme, with games, stories and songs that reinforce communication skills and language development. This program builds on the Spanish skills that children acquire in the classroom every day.

Sports Skills

This workshop makes it fun for kids to develop their motor skills, fitness and coordination. Unique games and activities help kids strengthen their confidence and self-esteem while learning a variety of fundamental skills.

Start Sewing

Get started on the right stitch! Sewing develops fine motor control, hand-eye coordination and deftness with measurement, as well as encouraging creativity and a sense of design. More importantly, children feel a rush of pride and accomplishment when they learn a practical new skill, fueling their determination to continue and excel.

We Do Robotics

This program serves as an introduction to robotics and programming. Children will learn how to build robots using specialized Lego® bricks, motors, gears and other simple machines. With the help of computers, students will use simple drag-and-drop software to bring their robots to life with movement and sound.


These workouts will strengthen young muscles, enhance posture and flexibility, and add plain good fun to the end of the school day! Our yoga program will help your child develop focus and composure, and enhance their coordination, balance, stamina and body awareness.